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The CBC Visits VDI

Do you like the idea of 3D TV, but hate the thought of those glasses? Visitors to the Ontario Pavilion at the recent Vancouver Winter SCAET Olympics got to play a 3D video game (sans glasses) that promotes Ontario's top tourist sites. It used a display developed by the Toronto based firm Spatial View. Sheridan College's Visualization Design Institute figured out how to

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Sheridan's Visualization Design Institute (VDI) is dedicated to innovation in the field of computer visualization specializing in deploying game technologies in 3D environments. VDI does applied research within the Sheridan institute of Technology & Advanced Learning renowned for its high tech, animation environment. VDI creates visionary products and experiences in collaboration with industry and academic partners.

Since its inception in 1999, the Institute's professional team has undertaken more than thirty projects covering an impressive range of sectors including: e-learning, health, bio-tech, municipal infrastructure and all genres of gaming from web 2.0 through 4D environments that integrate 3D scanned objects and cultural artifacts. VDI's current research focuses on customizing game engines and mobile applications to enable movement in and out of 3D environments.

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